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Robert Halderman

David Letterman Extortionist Joe Halderman Hired As Producer For ID’s ‘On The Case’

Producer Who Tried To Blackmail David Letterman Nominated For An Emmy

CBS Producer Will Plead Guilty In David Letterman Case

CBS Investigative Team’s Latest Subject: CBS’s David Letterman

Media Does Letterman A Favor By Boring Public To Death With Incessant ‘Scandal’ Coverage

David Letterman is the Talk of the Town; New Yorker Examines Blackmail

Letterman Blackmailed As a Matter of Revenge, Not Money, After ‘Passionate Embrace’

Tabloid Frenzy Didn’t ‘Occur’ To Letterman? Did Dave Just Move To NYC?

The Misleading Coverage Of David Letterman’s Extortion Case

David Letterman Thinks His Extortion/Sex Scandal Is Hilarious, And Serious

Which Letterman Should We Believe?

The David Letterman Story Will Be The Best Episode of 48 Hours Mystery Ever

Gossip Cop’s Firsthand Account: David Letterman And His Assistant Stephanie Birkitt In 2005

What Do We Know About Robert “Joe” Halderman?

David Letterman Blackmail Shocker: Host Confesses To Affairs After Extortion Attempt

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