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Tax Reform

Trump Praises AT&T Bonuses…But Silent About AT&T’s Recent Layoffs

WATCH: Trump Signs GOP Tax Reform Bill Into Law

AT&T Announces Big Bonuses for Employees After GOP Tax Bill Passage

Trump: ‘Fake News is Working Overtime’ to Follow Dems and ‘Demean’ Tax Bill

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Grills Paul Ryan on Tax Bill: ‘Are You Living In a Fantasy World?’

Wild House Protesters Chant ‘Kill the Bill, Don’t Kill Us!’ Minutes Before Tax Bill Vote

WATCH: Congress Holds Vote on GOP Tax Bill LIVESTREAM

WATCH: Protester Derails Peter Doocy’s Live Fox News Report on GOP Tax Bill

WATCH: Trump Makes Closing Argument For Tax Plan (LIVE STREAM)

Fox Business’ Trish Regan Slams GOP Tax Bill: Individuals ‘Carrying the Water’ for Corporations

GOP Senator Suggests Americans Who Aren’t Investing Waste ‘Every Darn Penny’ on ‘Booze or Women’

Senate Votes in Favor of GOP Tax Reform Bill 51-49

Stephanie Ruhle Rips White House For Not Letting Her Interview Anyone Working on Tax Reform

Fox News Will Reportedly Run Anti-Tax Reform Ad Featuring Tweeting Trump Impersonator

Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul Snipe at Each Other Over Tax Reform: ‘Don’t Screw Up’

Trump Gives Ousted CNNer Jeffrey Lord a Shoutout During Tax Speech: ‘One of My Few Sources of Truth’

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Pitches Tax Plan to Truckers in Pennsylvania

Dem Congressman Tim Ryan Battles With Neil Cavuto On Tax Reform: ‘Why Are You Yelling at Me?!’

WATCH: Gary Cohn Repeatedly Dodges Question If New Tax Plan Will Benefit Trump Personally

Jesse Watters Takes Issue With Trump Tax Speech: We Don’t Want ‘Obama’s 3rd Term’

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