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Tapper: ‘In Important Ways, the Trump White House Has Been Less Transparent’ Than Predecessors

‘Dumbest Question I’ve Ever Heard!’: Keith Boykin Goes Off on Jeff Lord Over Trump Tax Returns

Chris Wallace: ‘This President Apparently Thinks Transparency Is Overrated’

Josh Earnest: Obama Hasn’t Gotten Enough Credit for Being ‘Most Transparent’ President

Clinton Draws a Laugh After Saying She’s the Most Transparent Candidate Ever

Ryan’s Ban on Cameras At Sit-In Comes Two Days After He Called on Executive Branch For Transparency

White House Requires TV Anchors to Ask About SCOTUS During Obama Interviews

CNN’s Stelter: In Many Ways Obama Admin Is ‘The Least Transparent’ Ever

Earnest Defends Obama Admin Transparency Record: We Have ‘A Lot to Brag About’

Center for Effective Government Gives State Dept an ‘F’ on Disclosure

Abramson Opens Up to Greta, Defends Charge Obama WH the ‘Most Secretive’

Earnest Defends Claim Obama WH Is Most Transparent Ever

Journalism Groups: ‘Politically Driven Suppression of News’ in Obama WH

Feldman: ‘It’s Come to This: The White House is Just Trolling the Press Corps Now’

Rand Paul To Hannity: ‘Constellation Of Scandals’ Means Obama Is Losing ‘Moral Authority To Lead The Nation’

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Obama For Withholding Drone Memos: What Happened To ‘Promise Of Transparency’?

Choosing Your Battles: Obama Golfing With Tiger Woods Is The Least Of His Transparency Problems

Stewart Tears Into State Of The Union, Slams Obama: ‘Who’s Running This Sh*thole, Right, People?’

NY Times Broke ‘Informal Arrangement’ Among News Orgs Not To Disclose Saudi Drone Base

Google Transparency Report Concludes: ‘Government Surveillance Is On The Rise’

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