VA scandal

4 Pinocchios for VA Secretary’s Claim 60 Employees Fired over VA Scandal

VA Offers Doctor’s Appointment to Vietnam Vet Who Died Two Years Ago

Sens. McCain, Sanders Announce Bill to Reform VA

Mother of Vet Who Committed Suicide: ‘I Would Have Preferred Shinseki Stay’

Obama Stumbles Through Surprise Shinseki Question on Live with Kelly and Michael

President Obama Announces the Resignation of VA Sec. Eric Shinseki

Bernie Sanders Blames Koch Brothers for Pressure on Shinseki to Resign

Decorated Vet Dem Rep. Tammy Duckworth: Shinseki ‘Has to Go’

Palin: Illegal Aliens Get Better Health Care than Vets

‘Come On!’: Montel Williams Demands Action from Obama on VA Scandal

Matthews Rips Obama on VA Scandal: ‘We Have a Waiting Time from the President Now’

Beckel Rants About ‘Pompous Jerks in Congress’ Grandstanding on VA

Fmr WH Official: Shinseki Can’t Go Because GOP May Take ‘Pound of Flesh’ in Replacement Hearings

House Dem Makes Every GOP Argument in Defense of Obama on VA Scandal

Boehner, Pelosi Resist Calls (So Far) for Shinseki to Resign

A Running List of Lawmakers Calling for Eric Shinseki’s Resignation

Sen. Sanders Responds to Head of Vets Org Calling Him VA ‘Apologist’

‘Congress, You’re a Disgrace!’ Fox Analyst Rips Political Sniping over VA

Montel Williams Goes on Fiery Rant over VA: Why Didn’t Obama Apologize?!

GOP Rep. Scolds Karl Rove’s Group for Campaigning on VA Scandal

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