‘Meetings and Calls!’ Trump Insists His 17 Day Trip to Golf Club is Not a Vacation

CNN Chyron Trolls Trump Over Trip: ‘Vacation Critic Takes Time Off’

Former National Lampoon Editor Craps All Over Vacation Remake

Fox News Wants to Know Whether or Not You’d Vacation with Hillary

CNN: Bad Optics for Obama to Golf After Talking Iraq Airstrikes?

O’Reilly, Stossel Pile On ‘Astronomical’ Cost of Obama Trips: ‘This Is the Royal Presidency’

White House Travel Pool Complains They Are Prisoners Of President Obama’s Vacation

Piers Morgan Tears Into ‘Gutless’ Congress Over Guns, Obama For Not Giving Up Expensive Vacations

Morning Joe Takes In-Depth Look At Romney Family Vacation: They Look ‘Kennedyesque’ And ‘Athletic’

O’Reilly Goes After Costly Michelle Obama Vacation: Leaders Need To ‘Respect Our Tax Dollars’

Yes, That Was Mitt Romney Bodyboarding In La Jolla, CA Yesterday

WH: President Did Not Feel Earthquake, Is Not Thinking Of Ending Vacation Early

Rachel Maddow Tackles The GOP’s ‘Brazenly Stupid’ Hypocrisy In Attacking Obama Vacation

Greta Van Susteren Challenges Sarah Palin Over Tea Party: ‘There Is A Disregard For The Facts’

Sec. Of Trans. Ray LaHood: Congress ‘Went On Vacation’ Instead Of Acting On FAA Partial Shutdown

CBS’ Bob Schieffer Is Not Happy! Scolds Senators For Taking Too Many Vacations

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