Chris Christie Swipes at MSNBC in Testy Russia Debate, Stephanie Ruhle Fires Back: ‘Get Out of Town With That!’


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle got into a bit of a back-and-forth with Chris Christie at the SALT conference today interviewing both the former New Jersey governor and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions had a lot to say––on the House showdown with Bill Barr, Christopher Wray disagreeing with the “spying” characterization,” and more––but for parts of the event he sat there while Ruhle and Christie clashed over the Russia probe and the president’s rhetoric.

Ruhle brought up Trump decrying the “treasonous hoax” and asked Christie for his response.

“The president says lots of things,” Christie said. ” And there are things the president says I wish he wouldn’t say. I told him all along he shouldn’t criticize Bob Mueller. I said ’cause I think he’s going to wind up exonerating you out of most things and you’ve been kicking the crap out of him and you’ll want to say good things about him.”

“But he’s kicking the crap out of him today,” Ruhle said.

“It’s just another day,” Christie said, before saying no one should be surprised by Trump’s rhetoric when he’s been like this all along.

He said Trump is a “salesman” who “uses hyperbole to try to convince people of his position.”

“Sir, those are lies,” Ruhle responded.

They went back and forth a bit and Christie told Ruhle the president is perfectly entitled to his opinion.

A bit later on, after Sessions defended his recusal, Ruhle brought up outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and asked why he didn’t have to recuse too.

Christie responded by saying “there’s a lot of things in your question that are presumed because they have been reported, I don’t know if it’s very factual.”

He said the controversy about Rosenstein wearing a wire sounded like he was joking, while “Andy McCabe, who is a proven liar, said he didn’t think it was a joke.”

And Christie said he has no problem deciding who’s credible between the two men.

Ruhle asked, “How come Andy McCabe can be a proven liar and President Trump could be a great salesman?”

Christie responded by remarking “that’s an interesting MSNBC point,” but Ruhle shot back, “No, you know what? Get out of town with that. Seriously. Seriously.”

You can watch more above, via MSNBC.

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