Don Jr. Retweets Dinesh D’Souza Calling Mueller ‘Mentally Retarded’

Dinesh D'Souza Calls Mueller 'Mentally Retarded'

Donald Trump Jr. promoted a tweet from conservative polemicist Dinesh D’Souza calling Robert Mueller “mentally retarded” during a spate of attacks on the special counsel Wednesday.

“Is it possible that the Republicans have kidnapped the real Robert Mueller and substituted a mentally retarded look-alike in his place?” D’Souza, a frequent Fox News guest, said in a tweet responding to the special counsel’s hearing.

During his testimony, Mueller said he was “not familiar” with Fusion GPS, a research firm that hired Christopher Steele to look into President Donald Trump’s connections with Russia.

The president’s son retweeted D’Souza, a self-styled historian, and piled on Mueller for his claim about Fusion GPS.

Jr. mused, “Does anyone honestly believe that after two years and $50 million Robert Mueller does not know anything about Fusion GPS given that it was the genesis of the entire investigation?”

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