Fox & Friends Hammers Pelosi, Dems Over White House Meeting Collapse: ‘Why Can’t They Sit Down and Talk?’


Fox & Friends assigned blame to Nancy Pelosi as they covered the House Speaker’s explosive meeting on Wednesday with President Donald Trump.

Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer claim they walked out on Trump when he had a “meltdown” as they tried to talk with him about the situation in northern Syria. This wouldn’t be the first time a meeting between the two parties disastrously fell apart, but in any case, Trump retaliated by posting pictures from the meeting on Twitter and calling it proof that it was the Democrats who had the “meltdown.”

As this was addressed on the curvy couch, Brian Kilmeade started things off by claiming without evidence that Pelosi and Hoyer “hate each other.” He also objected to how the Democrats said Trump allowed for Vladimir Putin to get involved in the Syria crisis.

“There is one president that is responsible for allowing Vladimir Putin back in the Middle East. It’s Barack Obama. His lack of action in Syria that allowed the insurgency to come in, Iran to come back, opened the door for Russia to come in. They knocked on the door in Baghdad and said we are here now. Make sure you don’t bomb us and we will make sure we don’t bomb you. So, Vladimir Putin wasn’t invited into the Middle East by this president.”

When the discussion referred to the topic of the collapse of the meeting, Ainsley Earhardt lamented “why can’t they just sit down and talk?”

“Apparently the meeting continued when they left,” she continued. “Democrats and Republicans were able to discuss and get along.”

Kilmeade eventually got back in to say that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has also objected to Trump’s approach to Syria, “but do you know what Lindsey Graham did? They talked all Sunday. They have arguments. They go back and forth, but they know they have a job to do.”

“There was a time in which you disagreed, you talked about it, maybe wrote a column about it, but you don’t storm out and not get anything done.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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