Fox News’ Brit Hume: President Trump is ‘Inexperienced In Foreign Affairs’, Likes to ‘Bluster’


Fox News’ senior political analyst Brit Hume argued that a lot of President Donald Trump’s recent mistakes and controversies, like the Ukraine call, can be attributed to his inexperience in foreign affairs and “bluster on his part,” during an appearance on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tuesday.

“It’s so like this president to kind of lay about himself demanding this and demanding that, and saying people are treasonous, and saying they ought to be fired, and saying they ought to go to jail, and the rest of it, and a lot of it is just bluster,” Hume declared. “It’s just bluster on his part.”

“And he is inexperienced in foreign affairs, so he’s on the phone with some leader and he has this rambling kind of disconnected conversation in which he says you need to do me a favor and then he mentions some things, and later on he says we need to investigate and see about the Bidens,” he continued. “Well, maybe he meant that as a quid pro quo, maybe he didn’t.”

During the interview, he also claimed that Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump even though they know they won’t get him out of office because “a president impeached is a president, to some extent, tarnished and embarrassed.”

“So if they can’t get him removed, they can at least touch him up a bit in the hope that will contribute to his not-being re-elected,” he proclaimed, adding, “That’s clearly what’s at play here.”

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