Fox News Graphics Dept. Burns Itself During Impeachment Hearing By Promoting Trump’s Baseless Claims


Fox News ran a series of graphics during Ambassador William Taylor’s opening statement that raised eyebrows.

The graphics ran alongside Taylor’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in the first public impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump. Taylor, who was first appointed ambassador to Ukraine in 2006 by President George W. Bush, now serves in the Trump administration as acting ambassador to Ukraine (after the previous ambassador was recalled.)

He testified that the Trump administration — with help from Rudy Giuliani — pressured Ukraine into announcing investigations into his political rivals, namely Joe Biden’s family. Military aid from the U.S. to Ukraine and a meeting with Trump were both dependent on the investigations, Taylor testified.

During his testimony, Fox News ran a series of graphics outlining Taylor’s career and his role in the impeachment probe. Some were innocuous, others were… less so. They included one in which Fox uncritically cited Trump’s baseless attacks on Taylor:

Trump lashed out at Taylor since the diplomat spoke to House investigators as part of the impeachment inquiry, calling him a “Never Trumper” and Republicans who oppose him “human scum.”

There is no evidence whatsoever that Taylor — who it should be noted still serves in the Trump administration — is a “Never Trumper.”

Here were the rest of Fox’s Taylor graphics, which included plenty of innocuous information about the diplomat:

Fox’s graphics team also noted, without context, that Trump accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of “treason,” which is of course insane.

It’s a problem Fox has run into frequently during the Trump era: how to handle statements from the president of the United States when so many of them are completely false?

The Fox graphics drew fire on Twitter:

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