GOP Congressman Calls for Gun Control on Fox News, Otherwise ‘There Will Be a Serious Movement … to Overturn’ 2nd Amendment

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger called for some form of gun control on Fox News, warning that future generations may get fed up with inaction on gun violence and repeal the Second Amendment entirely.

“This next generation, I gotta tell you, Dana, people think they’re going to become more conservative when they’re older. They’re very decided on this issue. When they take power, when they take a seat from me or anyone else, it will be a very different outcome,” Kinzinger said.

The Illinois congressman was speaking with Dana Perino on The Daily Briefing Wednesday, and seemed to warn that inaction on gun violence could potentially topple the Bill of Rights.

“Attitudes are turning so much against the Second Amendment,” Kinzinger said. “There will be a serious movement to not just create restrictions, but to overturn the whole amendment. Your freedom of religion is protected by the 1st. If we start to repeal the Bill of Rights, who knows where this goes.”

Kinzinger was pushing for universal background checks and bans on certain high-capacity magazines, though noted that he was a “Second Amendment advocate.” He also criticized Democratic lawmakers.

“When somebody says, when conservatives say we’re willing to do something and the response is that’s not enough, that builds into this argument that if we do anything it’s a slippery slope, therefore we do nothing,” he said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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