WHAT? Ivanka Trump is Reportedly Friends With Dossier Author Christopher Steele


Getty Images/Win McNamee

Amid the flurry of news on a very busy Monday afternoon, the report on the origins of the Russian investigation from Inspector General Michael Horowitz has finally been released. The top line summary reveals no political bias was at play at the origins of the investigation though he also found some wrongdoing in the FISA applications.

One of the odder pieces of news to also be revealed was highlighted by ABC News Foreign Affairs correspondent Julie Macfarlane, who cited news that dossier author, and former M6 agent, Christopher Steele was “favourably disposed” to the Trump family due to a prior friendly relationship with a member of the Trump family.

Macfarlane tweeted the following screencap from the report:

Shortly after revealing that tidbit, Macfarlane then confirmed that the family member in question was none other than Ivanka Trump who Steele met in 2007 in London. Macfarlane tweeted:

The political impact of this revelation has not been revealed. Though some have already noted that had Steele taken a meeting at Trump Tower then perhaps that is evidence that he somehow had a bone to pick with the President. Others think that’s a foolish narrative and that if the IG reports a “favourable” disposition then that is likely to be the case.

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