Jeff Flake: ‘At Least 35’ Republican Senators Would Support Trump Impeachment in Silent Vote

Former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake claimed there would be at least 35 Republican senators in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump if a private vote were held.

“I heard someone say if there were a private vote there would be 30 Republican votes,” Flake reportedly said at a talk held Thursday night. “That’s not true. There would be at least 35.”

Flake made the comment during a live recording of Slate’s What’s Next podcast at the Texas Tribune‘s TribFest, Thursday.

Former Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis joined Flake for the recording, which was moderated by Slate’s Mary E. Harris.

Flake and President Trump have been engaged in a feud for several years.

Flake has routinely criticized President Trump for his comments and actions, and called him out last year for conducting “foreign policy by tweet.”

The former senator even floated the idea of challenging President Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020.

During Flake’s departure from the Senate in January, President Trump took a swipe at the senator, declaring, “He’ll probably go to work for CNN. That’s my prediction.”

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