Kellyanne Conway Dismisses Trump’s Poll Numbers By Arguing People Lie to Pollsters — and Lie About Paying Their Taxes


White House adviser Kellyanne Conway served up a verbal blizzard to dismiss President Donald Trump’s sinking poll numbers, including one argument in which she asserted that people lie to pollsters, as well as about paying their taxes.

On Wednesday morning, Conway gaggled with reporters on the driveway of the White House, and was asked specifically about a new poll out of Iowa — which Trump won by about ten points in 2016 — that showed Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden within one point of each other.

Conway was asked “What does that mean for the president’s reelection?”

What followed was a lengthy response that included the fact that polls have failed to accurately predict outcomes in the past, as well as an inaccurate insistence that Trump and Biden are within “close proximity” to each other in swings states and “both of them are under 50%.”

But perhaps the strangest argument Conway made was on the makeup of the polling samples, which are usually either “adults,” “registered voters,” or “likely voters.”

“I don’t know a billion things about a billion things, but I know polling, and I think we should always look to see who is being polled,” Conway said. “If it’s adults, even if it’s registered voters, likely voters, we said, for decades as a pollster, you’re really going to want this one, is that the worst way to find out if somebody’s a likely voter is to ask them ‘Are you likely to vote?'”

“‘Yes, and I pay my taxes and I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday, I do sit-ups every morning, vote, I’ll be there.'” Conway continued, sarcastically intimating that people lie to pollsters, as well as about paying their taxes. Trump’s tax returns are currently the subject of a U.S. Supreme Court case.

But aside from that odd example, Conway’s argument about the sample types — which she never got around to completely making — doesn’t appear to cut in Trump’s favor, as he performs better in recent “likely voter” polls than he does in “registered voter” polls.

Watch the clip above via C-Span.

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