Stephanie Ruhle Brutally Details Each Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Trump


After wading into the Al Franken scandal with a series of tweets, in which he referred to the Minnesota senator as the misspelled “Frankenstien,” President Donald Trump has found himself again the center of controversy, with many media figures now bringing up the numerous allegations of sexual assault that were levied against the president in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

One such media personality is MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, who delivered an absolutely brutal takedown of the president, which consisted solely of an itemized list of each accusation. All told, Ruhle described allegations from 14 accusers of sexual assault and three teenagers who said he was leering at them in a dressing room as they prepared for a beauty pageant. All 14 assault accusers have released their identities.

It’s crazy to see them all laid out in this way, so stark and simple.

“So how did the president respond to all of these allegations?” she asked, after finishing with the list. “He called some of them ‘vicious claims’ and ‘totally and absolutely false’ at a rally one month before the 2016 election.”

Co-host Ali Velshi chimed in, adding that the president seemed incredulous at the notion that he would sexually assault these women, calling them “ugly.”

“This thing took a bad turn and a lot of people are wondering, ‘What is happening? Why don’t we remember these women’s names at all?”

“This is one of the problems of victimization,” Velshi continued. “The story comes. The story goes and we need to remember that these are real people.”

Ruhle ended the segment by simply saying “Mirror, mirror Mr. President.”

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