National Enquirer Publisher Speaking with NY Prosecutors About Trump Hush Money Payments: CNN


National Enquirer chief David Pecker has reportedly met with prosecutors in New York to discuss the Trump Organization’s alleged hush money payments to women like Stormy Daniels.

CNN also reported that prosecutors have also spoken with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who is currently incarcerated in a suburban New York City prison. Both men are expected to continue to cooperate with the investigation.

“The meeting between Pecker and the local prosecutors shows that investigators are still trying to connect the dots between Trump and the hush money payments. The meeting could result in Pecker being a potential critical witness down the road in any legal action against Trump or the Trump Organization.
Prosecutors are investigating whether any state laws were broken, such as whether the Trump Organization falsified any business records relating to the Daniels payment.
The DA’s investigation is continuing as its effort to subpoena the President’s accounting firm Mazars USA for business and personal tax returns makes it way to the US Supreme Court.
A US appeals court ruled last month that presidential immunity doesn’t bar a third party, such as Mazars, from responding to a state grand jury subpoena even if it involves the President. Trump’s attorneys have asked the Supreme Court to take up the case but the court has not yet decided whether it will hear arguments.”
It has been previously reported that Pecker, as the chief executive of America Media Inc., would have the Enquirer purchase the rights to negative stories about Trump and then bury them before the election in a process known as “catch and kill.”

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