Nicolle Wallace Trashes Trump for ‘Lie’ About Hurricane Dorian: ‘Nothing Too Small for Him to Lie About’


MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace trashed President Donald Trump for apparently doctoring an official NOAA map, saying “nothing is too small for him to lie about.”

“It’s the most important thing to do today, to show there’s no — there’s nothing too small for Trump to lie about,” Wallace said. “There’s nothing he won’t quadruple down on. And let me tell you, I lived in Tallahassee, I lived in Florida, they’re really good at preparing for hurricanes but they rely on accurate information. And it’s no joke to mess with a forecast.”

Wallace and her panel on Deadline: White House Wednesday were baffled why a map Trump displayed was doctored to falsely claim Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama – in support of Trump’s proclamation that was debunked by the National Weather Service.

“This one is truly a strange one because this is not a political adversary that he’s going after,” The New York Times’ Annie Karni said. “You think the weather being corrected by the actual path of the storm, we would think you would say ‘oh, what a relief we were mistaken and it’s not going to hit Alabama as we thought.'”

“This was a strange one because it doesn’t seem to be scoring any political points,” she said.

“So much of what he has with his base is telling his base that everybody but him is wrong. So the media is wrong. So it sort of inoculates him and allows him to just make stuff up and get people to believe it because they want to believe it,” Los Angeles Times reporter Eli Stokols said.

“We’re so far through the looking glass on this,” Stokols continued. “He’s raging to anyone that will listen about media coverage and yet none of us would be talking about his screw-up tweet about Alabama if somebody had not drawn that line with a Sharpie on the map.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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