President Trump Privately Discussing 2024 Run for Office: Axios


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President Donald Trump is privately discussing another run for the White House in 2024 according to a just-published report from Axios’ Jonathan Swan. As the well-regarded White House reporter indicates in this report, this is the strongest indication so far that President Trump is beginning to accept the fact that he has lost the 2020 election to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Citing two sources familiar with the conversation, Swan writes “President Trump has already told advisers he’s thinking about running for president again in 2024, two sources familiar with the conversations tell Axios.” Swan then provides a simple context that makes this bit of news particularly noteworthy:

Why it matters: This is the clearest indication yet that Trump understands he has lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden — even as the president continues to falsely insist that he is the true winner, that there has been election fraud and that his team will fight to the end in the courts.

There are multiple reports of an ongoing battle amongst Trump advisers over the best course of action following the weekend projection that Trump had very narrowly lost his bid for election to Biden.

CNN’s Jake Tapper reported on Twitter that Jared Kushner, Rudy Giuliani, and Jason Miller are privately urging Trump to hold rallies to fight for voter recounts, while David Bossie and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows are urging the president to consider concession.

Reports of palace intrigue are a bit all over the place, however, as another CNN report claimed that Kushner and First Lady Melania Trump were urging the president to “come to terms” with the apparent election results.

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