Rush Limbaugh: Media ‘Gleeful’ About Hyping Coronavirus Because They Think ‘This Is Gonna Get Trump’


Rush Limbaugh went after the media today for — as he put it — hyping the coronavirus outbreak to hurt President Donald Trump.

Yesterday Limbaugh talked about the coronavirus and claimed, “It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump.”

He doubled down today, responding to commentary in the media calling out his take, and saying the mainstream media is eager to jump all over Trump over the U.S. response to the virus.

Limbaugh today played part of what POTUS said at his press confidence earlier today (“’cause this is confidence, this is strength, this is a presence on the world stage that the Democrats again just don’t have anybody who can match up”), in which Trump said coronavirus “is very well under control in our country.”

“Now, I want you to pay attention to something Trump said here. ‘Very well under control in our country.’ We have very few people with it,” Limbaugh continued as he pointed to the low fatality rate.

He went on to say, “But look at how it’s been hyped. And it’s being hyped because, as you heard in the first audio sound bite, the montage, the media thinks this is the new Russia! This is gonna get Trump! They’re gleeful, they’re happy. This is gonna destroy the economy magically by November. And it won’t.”

You can listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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