Stephen King Says Sorry-Not-Sorry After Tweeting GOP Train Crash Was ‘Karma’


Renowned horror novelist and vocal Trump critic Stephen King has offered an apology for a controversial tweet from earlier this week, though it’s pretty wishy-washy, to say the least.

You may recall that there was an accident two days ago when a train full of GOP lawmakers derailed after hitting a garbage truck, leaving one person dead and others injured. While reporters and emergency responders were still on the scene addressing the disaster, King saw fit to give this online take:

King followed up with this tweet after being informed that there was a fatality involved in the crash:

However, after getting pummeled by reactors who called his tweet insensitive and callous, King offered this statement where he acknowledged that his first tweet was “thoughtless.”

He also retweeted this link from Kasie Hunt to a GoFundMe page for supporting the family of the man who died on Wednesday.

Liberal writer and former Bernie Sanders surrogate Jonathan Tasini had a similar controversy the other day, seeing as he got ripped apart for thanking God after the crash happened.

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