Trump ‘Got Swamped Hard’: Mediaite Senior Editor Breaks Down Health Care Implosion


Mediaite Senior Editor Jon Levine appeared on Joe Piscopo’s AM 970 The Answer radio show to provide a run down of President Donald Trump’s attempts to pass a GOP health care bill through the Senate.

Piscopo asked Levine whether Trump or Congress is to blame for the failure to pass legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

“There’s a lot of blame to go around,” Levine started. “The Republicans in Congress have been promising for seven years repeal and replace.”

Levine pointed out that previous votes to repeal the ACA, embraced heartily by Republican lawmakers under President Obama’s administration, stand little chance now that a veto is not expected in response: “none of these votes were real votes. When they actually have their feet to the fire, they suddenly don’t have the stomach anymore.”

“I will say that Trump didn’t help himself,” Levine continued. “He probably shut out Democrats out of the process a little too early, a little too swiftly.”

“The optics would have been a lot better too, if you could have had maybe 40 Republicans and 10 Democrats, rather than try to do the 50-0 route,” Levine added.

Piscopo asked if Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan would have told the president not to reach across the aisle, to which Levine replied that Trump “said ‘Drain the Swamp,’ but he got swamped hard.”

“The swamp is draining him,” Levine said. “I wanted Art of the Deal, I wanted work with both sides. And what we got was this absolutist Republican only plan.”

Levine then criticized Republicans for trying to rush through their legislation in the “dead of night”: “Say what you will, we spent 18 months doing Obamacare. It was not rushed through. It was a disaster of a bill for a lot of reasons, but there were hearings, everyone had their say.”

The two then spoke about the Julius Caesar debacle — in which a play put on by Shakespeare in the Park caused a firestorm after it portrayed the president as the assassinated Roman politician — a story that went viral after Mediaite reported on a segment on Piscopo’s show discussing the play.

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