MSNBC Guest ‘Jokes’ About ‘Comrade President’ Trump


GOP consultant Mike Murphy went on Morning Joe this morning to talk about health care, but couldn’t resists dropping in a “joke” by calling President Donald Trump “comrade president.”

Show regular Mark Halperin started with the health care debate, asking Murphy about repeal, and instigated the Russia talk with this question:

“Is there an army out there that the White House, with a different type of effort, could’ve mobilized to put pressure on Congress or is this just not that big an issue?” Halperin asked.

This lead Murphy to drop his joke-but-not-a-joke during his analysis:

“I think the president, or comrade president, as were soon going to have to call him — I joke here — could have done a lot more. The problem is this thing is a pain smorgasbord for politicians and it’s very hard to get them to go there, because the reality is even though we align the party against the mandate because it didn’t fit our philosophy, it was great politics to oppose it,” Murphy said.

He continued his disapproving analysis talking about the President’s role in the failure of the health care and the repeal.

“So there was no easy path here but I don’t think the president put his shoulder behind it. I think, as your intro piece indicated, he’s been trying to float above it, not taking much responsibility, you can’t do that when you’re the President of the United Sates on the biggest single domestic issue in your party platform. So he’s going to own it and there is nothing but pain going forward,” Murphy said.

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