Trump Posts Tweet in Farsi to Iranian Protestors, Claims ‘I’ve Stood With You Since The Beginning’


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President Donald Trump, who banned Iranians from coming to the United States the month he assumed the presidency, tweeted out a statement of support for the nation’s protestors today.

Trump sent out two tweets supporting ongoing reported protests in Iran following the government admitting it accidentally shot down a passenger plane and killed over 100 civilians.

Both of Trump’s tweets had the same message but one was in Persian – or Farsi – the predominant language spoken in Iran.

“To the brave, long-suffering people of Iran: I’ve stood with you since the beginning of my Presidency,” Trump claimed

Trump also pressed the Iranian government to allow human rights groups to monitor the situation on the ground.

During his first month in office, Trump issued an executive order that soon became known as the “travel ban” – which suspended travel from Muslim-majority countries like Iran and Iraq. It followed from Trump calling to ban Muslims from entering the United States during his presidential campaign.

The Trump administration later issued an updated order that bans all Iranian nationals from the United States, unless they are visiting on student visas or on cultural exchange visas. Trump is reportedly considering expanding the travel ban, according to The Associated Press.

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