Trump Promises Kim Jong Un He Won’t Allow CIA to Spy on Him: ‘I Wouldn’t Let That Happen’


In his remarks to the White House press pool on Tuesday, President Donald Trump gushed over his relationship with Kim Jong Un once again while promising the North Korean dictator that he won’t allow the CIA to use informants against him.

“I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong Un. I think the relationship is very well, but I appreciated the letter,” Trump said. “I saw the information about the CIA with respect to his brother or half brother. I would tell him that would not happen under my auspices. That’s for sure. I wouldn’t let that happen under my auspices.”

Trump was referring to a new Wall Street Journal report that says Kim Jong Nam, Un’s half-brother who was killed at a Malaysia airport two years ago on the alleged orders of the North Korean government, had a relationship with the CIA and Chinese intelligence. The report quotes a source who said Nam met with CIA agents multiple times during his life in exile, though the precise details of the relationship between the two isn’t exactly clear.

Trump continued to praise Kim in the press scrum, saying the tyrant “totally gets it” and claiming (falsely) that North Korea’s missile testing has stopped amid their diplomacy.

“When I first got here, it was a bad mess,” Trump said. “We have a very good relationship together. Now, I can confirm it because of the letter I got yesterday. I think, you know, that something will happen that’s going to be very positive.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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