Trump Reportedly Wants Law to Execute All Drug Dealers in America

President Donald Trump is reportedly privately advocating for Singapore’s death penalty policy toward drug traffickers, as he believes that harsh implementation of capital punishment has resulted in the country’s low drug-use rates.

As reported by Axios’ Jonathan Swan, a source close to Trump on the matter said the president is interested in using the “death penalty” against drug dealers:

“He says that a lot. He says, ‘When I ask the prime minister of Singapore do they have a drug problem [the prime minister replies,] ‘No. Death penalty.’ He often jokes about killing drug dealers… He’ll say, ‘You know the Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem. They just kill them.'”

Additionally, the death penalty comments go further than just sarcastic ideas or jokes, as sources also claim Trump goes on serious rants about how drug traffickers are as evil as serial killers and should be sentenced equally. Despite dealers already making up a sizable amount of the prison population, Trump believes that softer sentencing is a bad idea.

The Axios report even paints Trump’s views on drugs as both a quasi-D.A.R.E. revival — with the president calling for government-funded education to battle youth substance abuse — and a Reefer Madness-esque demonization of dealers.

While he privately wishes for executing every drug trafficker in the US, Trump told those close to him that such a plan would most likely never work under the American legal system.

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