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Trump Wails About Not Getting Credit for Fauci’s Coronavirus Approval Numbers From the ‘Fake News’ Media

President Donald Trump went after the “fake news” media on Twitter again, this time to complain that he doesn’t get enough credit for having Dr. Anthony Fauci on the White House’s anti-coronavirus task force.

As Trump flies to Arizona for his next campaign event after the rally in Tulsa, he got on the presidential Twitter machine to grumble that Fauci’s coronavirus response approval numbers are well above his own.

“We did a great job on Coronavirus, including the very early ban on China, ventilator production, and testing, which is by far the most, and best, in the world. We saved millions of U.S. lives! Yet the Fake News refuses to acknowledge this in a positive way,” Trump said. “But they do give Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is with us in all ways, a very high 72% Approval Rating. So, if he is in charge along with V.P. etc., and with us doing all of these really good things, why doesn’t the Lamestream Media treat us as they should? Answer: Because they are Fake News!”

Trump was referring to a recent Fox News poll saying 44 percent of voters approve of how he handled the pandemic, while 55 percent disapprove. By comparison, Fauci’s ratings stand at 72 percent approval to 21 percent disapproval.

In recent days, Fauci has said that his time with Trump has decreased considerably. Fauci was also against the president’s rally in Tulsa amid Covid-19 spikes reported around the country

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