Trump Wails Over ‘Fake News,’ Hillary Clinton’s Emails As Coronavirus Pandemic Continues


Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

As America faces ongoing pandemonium because of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump decided to take a little break from the pandemic by getting on Twitter and railing against his political enemies.

While Trump started his Twitter proclamations on Sunday by focusing somewhat on the coronavirus, he mostly was interested in thanking his supporters for praising him and attacking his foes.

As he retweeted several of his previous comments on the coronavirus, Trump shifted gears in order to start praising himself, harp over the “Fake News” and Hillary Clinton, and also to tell everyone what he’s doing after declaring today a national day of prayer.

This comes days after Trump told reporters he doesn’t accept any responsibility for the government not moving faster to address the epidemic.

UPDATE – 1:19 p.m. ET: Trump wasn’t finished yet. He resumed his tweets by insisting “very precise Medical Screenings” are underway at airports, which have been bogged down by the chaos of the pandemic.

Eventually though, Trump got back to attacking his political foes by taking jabs at Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.

For context: Trump is tweeting about a story that’s a week and a half old while the coronavirus remains an ongoing public health crisis.

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