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Trump’s Oddly Calm Reaction to Coronavirus-Infected Official He Was Photographed With: ‘I Did Hear Something About That’

When a reporter confronted President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday over his meeting with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, and an aide who has since tested positive for coronavirus, Trump casually replied, “I did hear something about that.”

“There’s a report that press aide to Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Bolsonaro, might have coronavirus, are you aware of that? Because you were in contact with that person over the weekend,” the concerned reporter asked Trump.

“I did hear something about that. We had dinner together in Florida, at mar-a-lago. With the entire delegation. I don’t know if the press aide was there. If he was there, he was there,” Trump answered calmly

“We did nothing very unusual, we sat next to each other for a period of time, had great conversation. He’s doing a terrific job in Brazil and we’ll find out what happens. I guess they’re being tested right now,” added the president.

“I’m asking you what kind of update you can provide,” the reporter replied.

Trump then clarified, “Let’s put it this way, I’m not concerned.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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