Trump’s Voice Hits Comically High Pitch While Ranting About Biden’s Golf Game: ‘He Said He’s a Six Handicap!’


Former President Donald Trump expressed equal parts shock and disgust at the purported golf handicap of President Joe Biden.

Trump, who is Biden’s likely opponent in a 2024 presidential election rematch, spoke at a rally in Rapid City, South Dakota on Friday night where he was endorsed by Governor Kristi Noem. At one point, Trump claimed Biden once said his handicap is six, which means he shoots six over par on average – an excellent score for a non-professional.

“He makes up these stories,” Trump told the crowd. “This guy. The worst is, did you ever see his golf swing? Trump asked the crowd. He said he’s a six handicap!”

The former president’s voice reached an uncharacteristically high pitch, suggesting sheer disbelief.

“Six handicap’s a good golfer!” he continued. “You know what, these six handicaps, that’s a good golfer. This guy can’t hit the ball to Kristi. He’s a six handicap! I think that’s the greatest lie, if you wanna know the truth.”

Last year, Golf Digest ranked the handicaps of various presidents. It put Biden’s at 6.7, behind Trump’s 2.8. It did not say how the handicaps were determined. Both seem generous, based on what this observer has seen, though Trump is almost certainly better at the game.

It does not appear Biden has publicly offered a handicap.

Biden, 80, is running for reelection and is set to coast to the nomination. Though he has more rivals challenging him for his party’s nomination, Trump, 77, is the runaway frontrunner in the Republican field.

Watch above via Newsmax.

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