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Viral Clip of Don Lemon and Panel Mocking Trump Supporters Ignites a Furor on MAGA Twitter: ‘Arrogant, Elitist Snobs’

MAGA Twitter is absolutely irate over a viral CNN segment from Saturday night — in which anchor Don Lemon doubled over in laughter after intense mockery of a faction of President Donald Trump’s supporters by panelists Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali.

The clip — which gained widespread attention Monday night — shows anti-Trump GOP strategist Wilson mocking what he termed the “boomer rube” demographic. At one point, he put on a faux-Southern accent and said, “Donald Trump is the smart one and y’all elitists are dumb!”

Ali then joined in, also putting on an accent.

“You elitists with your geography and your maps and your spelling!” Ali said.

Lemon burst out into uproarious laughter at both Wilson and Ali’s mockery and paused the show to compose himself.

President Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump both reacted to the clip. Ivanka condemned the footage, while the elder Trump attacked Lemon.

White House press secretary joined in on the denunciation of the footage:

And MAGA Twitter at large was furious — with some calling the clip a ready-made 2020 campaign ad. Here’s a sampling of the reaction on the right:


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