ABC’s Terry Moran Says Trump is a ‘Fuhrer’ to the GOP: ‘A Personalized Power Like We Haven’t Seen’


ABC’s Terry Moran compared Donald Trump’s control over the Republican party to that of a “Caesar” and a “Fuhrer.”

Moran first clarified that despite the votes of most Republican Senators, presidents can constitutionally be impeached after they leave the White House.

“There are now two Senate votes, one in the 19th Century and one today, that the Senate can try impeachments after the officer has left office. That is now like arguing with Brown vs. Board of Education. They are the decided in this case, and they should,” Moran said.

“And one more thing, which is the way that Republicans just aren’t going to budge,” he added. “Whatever the nature of this argument, whatever the nature of the fact, is because I think we heard it in these vivid videos that the House Democrats are playing, ‘Fight for Trump, fight for Trump, fight for Trump.’ Not, ‘Fight for America.”

He went on to fault the Republican party for becoming Trump’s “personalized power.”

“It’s a personalized power like we have not seen,” he said, adding, “It’s a Caudillo, it’s a Caesar, it’s a Fuhrer. We don’t see that in this country. We do now.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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