Adam Schiff Fires Back at AG Bill Barr’s Justification for Dropping Flynn Case: ‘You Can’t Gaslight History’


Congressman Adam Schiff pushed back hard on Attorney General Bill Barr, calling out his justification for abandoning the Justice Department’s case against Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, as promoting a “false narrative.”

After the controversial news that the DOJ wants to drop the case, Barr sparked further outrage on Thursday after he chuckled and said “history is written by the winners” when asked in a CBS News interview about how time will treat the Flynn decision

MSNBC’s Ari Melber picked up on those comments in his interview with Schiff.

“If this rolls back one of the convictions, one of the legal victories of the Mueller probe,” Melber began, “and the president gets away with this and continues and Bill Barr says out in the open, well, might makes right, the victors write history, not something we are supposed to hear from a nonpartisan Justice Department, what do you say to people who are concerned that the president is basically getting away with it all?”

“First of all, I would say to Bill Barr, you can’t gaslight history,” Schiff responded, addressing Barr. “I don’t think the fact that you tried to create this false narrative is ultimately going to succeed. Over much of the obstruction of the administration, we have uncovered a great deal of the president’s misconduct vis-a-vis Russia and Ukraine, and we will uncover the misconduct going forward.”

“So I don’t think he is right about that, as brash as it is and ugly to hear from an attorney general,” Schiff added, before suggesting that Barr was trying to bury this decision by announcing it in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. “In terms of the president and his threats of vengeance and whatnot. None of that, Ari, as you know is new. And we’re going to have to defend the institutions of this democracy until this threat no longer persists. There is reason why this case is being dismissed under the cloak of a pandemic, under the cloak of night, because they don’t want these things to see the light of day.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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