Al Sharpton Argues Primary Voters Will Go for Bernie Sanders if GOP Shuts Down Trump Impeachment


The Rev. Al Sharpton appeared during MSNBC’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, which broke to discuss independent Sen. Bernie Sanders appearing poised to win Iowa.

“9 out of 11 have come out of Iowa and won the whole thing,” host Chris Matthews noted Saturday evening. “Why is Bernie Sanders spiking in the first two races?”

If he wins the first two, he’s considered the front-runner,” Sharpton said. “Bernie Sanders has an operation on the ground … He knows how to organize – he almost won it last time in ‘16, you cannot underestimate him.”

Sharpton then attempted to link voting for Sanders to what is going on in Trump’s impeachment trial, where it appears uncertain if the GOP-led Senate will call new witnesses.

“I think the outrage that a lot of Democrats have of what’s going on with the impeachment trial – Bernie is the one you use to strike a blow back at what you see going on in Washington,” Sharpton said. “If you are angry or upset, you want to go and strike a blow and your blow-striker is Bernie.”

“The best thing that could happen for Bernie is if they don’t have witnesses and they don’t have documents, it will help him even more,” Sharpton continued.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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