Alan Dershowitz Rejects Dominion Lawsuit Against MyPillow CEO: ‘I Don’t Think They’re Going To Get Any Pillows Out Of This’


Former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment lawyer Alan Dershowitz tossed a bit of cold water on Dominion Voting Systems’ 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Tuesday night during a segment on Newsmax.

“Dominion Voting Systems, I believe, is suing Mike Lindell for like over a billion dollars,” Newsmax host Greg Kelly began. “Just on the face of it, a billion dollars, that’s kinda absurd, right!?”

Dershowitz responded by noting that the case isn’t a slam dunk for Dominion — adding that the company must prove that Lindell with malice “deliberately, willfully, knowingly defamed them.”

“That’s a lot of pillows! You have to sell a lot of pillows to make a billion dollars,” Dershowitz replied. “Look whether Lindell was right or wrong, he had the right to express his views, and this is a part of the public debate, and I don’t think unless they can demonstrate that with malice he deliberately, willfully, knowingly defamed them, I don’t think they’re going to get any pillows out of this.”

Kelly responded to Dershowitz’s lighthearted pillow reference with a chuckle.

Dominion Voting System’s CEO John Poulos said on CNBC Tuesday night that Lindell is has been “reckless,” and his claims against the company have been “devastating.”

On Monday morning, the voting systems company filed a massive 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit against Lindell in Washington D.C.’s District Court. Lindell replied to the suit by saying the lawsuit being filed marks “a beautiful day” for America.

Watch above, via Newsmax.

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