Ana Navarro Mocks Roger Stone Conviction: ‘I Hope He Rots in Jail and Then in Hell’


CNN commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas told the network she was rejoicing in Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone’s conviction, saying she hopes Stone “rots in jail and then in hell.”

“I have to tell you, the Sacred Heart nuns told me not to rejoice over another person’s grief and distress, but I can’t be happier that this guy got convicted on all seven counts,” The View co-host told CNN Newsroom anchor Fredricka Whitfield Sunday afternoon.

“Why’s that?” Whitfield asked.

“Because h has been incredibly misogynistic,” Navarro responded. “He’s been racist, he’s been a jerk. He’s attacked people like me, he’s attacked Donna Brazile, he’s attacked Don Lemon, he’s attacked Roland Martin, he’s attacked so many friends of mine in the vilest of forms and guess what … we are all people of color. He is a racist and misogynist… and frankly I hope he rots in jail and then in hell.”

Stone was one of the last high-profile Trump associates to be charged and convicted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Last week, he was found guilty on multiple counts of lying to Congress and a charge of obstructing an investigation. During his time on the public stage, Stone had frequently attacked Navarro.

Navarro went on to say that she thinks Trump will try to pardon Stone anyway.

“Listen, he can pardon him, but the entire world knows who this guy is. This guy is a convicted criminal now. Put that on your tombstone,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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