Anderson Cooper Delivers Scathing Fact Check of Trump’s Anti-Caravan Speech: He’s ‘Making Stuff Up’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper delivered a scathing rebuke of President Donald Trump’s White House immigration speech on Thursday,  starting with the president’s claim that he was “pretty good at estimating crowd size” with regard to the number of migrants en route.

“Of all the claims for this president to make, do we really need to get into the whole crowd size thing with this president? I mean, do we?” Cooper asked. “Just Google ‘Trump inauguration crowd size,’ and let’s just leave it there.”

The CNN anchor then dismissed Trump’s assertion that a mere 3 percent of asylum seekers appear for their court dates, citing Justice Department data indicating the real number is 75 percent and calling Trump’s line “completely not true.”

For Cooper, Trump’s falsehoods were not a laughing matter.

“I mean, it could be funny if it was just some pundit making stuff up, but this is the president making stuff up,” he said.

Cooper also took aim at the president’s talk of a new border wall being underway, noting, “As we’ve shown you time and time again, with our reporters on the border, it is not. They’re repairing existing fencing.”

During Trump’s speech earlier in the day, the president spoke out against the caravan calling it a “crisis” and reminding the public that the administration will no longer release migrants after capturing them, but will instead keep them in a holding facility.

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