Anderson Cooper Loses it Giggling While Covering Trump Using the Word ‘Lovers’ for Strzok and Page

The ‘Ridiculist’ is an Anderson Cooper closing segment that’s a little less serious and has a little more irreverence than the rest of the news program. And that was especially true on Thursday night as Cooper became overwhelmed with the topic at hand and broke out in downright giggling.

The segment was covering Trump making many references to there being “love” between Mueller and Comey, and the use of the words “love” and even “lover” about others as well, including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (who were, it should be noted, lovers.)

Cooper introduced it by saying that “the greatest love story that never was continues unabated in the most disputed of Cupid’s domains: President Trump’s mind.” As he covered the various instances of Trump talking about love his mirth steadily rose. By the time he got to the montage of Trump using the word “lover” he was breaking up.

But it was when he referenced a classic Saturday Night Live skit that he really lost it.

“Lover. That word makes me so nervous. He loves that word. So much love. Like in the President’s mind the FBI has operated out of a Jacuzzi while ‘Unchained Melody’ plays on under water speakers,” he said colorfully. “Or maybe he keeps watching one of the best SNL sketches ever.”

They played the clip (see the full one below) of Will Ferrel and Rachel Dratch.

“I could watch that for hours,” said Cooper. “Oh, spiced meat. Who doesn’t love spiced lambsh—Who doesn’t love spiced lamb shanks among lovers in a hot tub?” he managed to get out through the laughing.

“Anyway, without lovers, the real ones, the ones birthed in his angry fan fiction, what would President Trump talk about?” said Cooper. “As the song goes ‘Love Will Keep us Together’ just not maybe not in Washington. The president will always think of you babe, whenever, on the Ridiculist.”

For your reference, here is the SNL skit to which he referred. You’ll find not laughing quite impossible. Lover.

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