Anderson Cooper Rips Apart Every Roy Moore Position in Bizarre, Marathon Interview With Spox


Janet Porter already had one incredibly insane junket with CNN this week. But tonight, the Roy Moore campaign spokeswoman faced off with Anderson Cooper for another wild, combative sparring match of an interview.

Cooper and Porter fought it out over Moore’s alleged sexual abuse against minors, his multiple removals from the Alabama Supreme Court, and literally everything else in between. Despite the general wackiness of the whole affair, Cooper moved things along by asking Porter a variety of questions pertaining to Moore’s past statements, and controversies that would reflect on his political standing in the U.S. Senate.

In terms of Moore’s removal from the court, Cooper wanted to know if the embattled Senate candidate still believes his ouster was coordinated by “radical homosexuals and transgendered activists.” Porter couldn’t definitively answer Cooper’s questions, and the discussion swiftly became a food fight about how Moore will defend religious liberty, drain the swamp, and all that other good stuff.

Cooper eventually tried asking Porter if the Moore campaign has any proof that his sexual allegations and political opposition is all the because of a mass plot from Doug Jones, George Soros, Mitch McConnell, etc. This led to a return to Porter’s pro-life kick and a spiel about how Alabama is “Ground Zero of divided America.”

Cooper eventually tried to take things in a more methodical direction by grilling Porter about where Moore stands with regard to his past statements regarding homosexuality, 9/11, Muslims and Barack Obama. The discussion stayed turbulent the whole way through, and Cooper repeatedly had to admonish Porter for refusing to answer his questions.

In all seriousness, you really just have to watch the feistiness for yourself above. It’s MEMORABLE.

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