Chris Matthews: ‘The Whole World is Watching’ Alabama, and They Remember George Wallace

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The theme of Wednesday night’s Hardball panel discussion on Roy Moore was all the many people who are watching the Alabama Senate candidate — and all those who will be watching him on Capitol Hill should Moore be elected to the United States Senate.

Host Chris Matthews began by talking about the people in Washington who are likely to cast wary glances at Moore should he win next Tuesday’s election in Alabama.

“I wonder if the Republican Senate caucus is going to feel very happy having a guy like Roy Moore among them in all their meetings,” Matthews said. “With all the pages and interns watching him. And the kids will be watching that guy too…And you can bet there will be scuttlebutt among the interns. ‘What’s up with that guy? You keeping away from him?'”

But it’s more than just Senate pages who have their eyes on the former Alabama Supreme Court Justice, of course. And to illustrate the wide-ranging implications of the Dec. 12 election, Matthews invoked the name of another infamous Alabama politician.

“The whole world is watching,” Matthews said. “I’ve been hearing a lot about the world news organizations. They’re looking at America, they’re looking at Alabama. [And] they do remember, I think, vaguely, the idea of George Wallace down there.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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