Anderson Cooper Slams Trump’s Rally Speech: ‘Last Night, What We Saw Was All About Him’


Tonight, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper spent nearly 20 minutes comparing the two different President Trumps — the subdued one who can stay on script and read a teleprompter and the other one who goes off-the-cuff and tosses out inflammatory and divisive comments.

“What a difference a day makes. Well, a day, a speechwriter, and a teleprompter,” Cooper noted, bringing up Trump’s scripted speech earlier in the day in which the president called on the nation to “heal its wounds.”

After spending quite a bit of time dissecting Trump’s rally speech, pointing out that it appeared POTUS was trying to rewrite history over his Charlottesville response while reigniting his war with the media, Cooper ended by observing how self-centered the president is.

Highlighting several different false statements the president has made over the past year, Cooper stated that the only reason Trump seems to do these things, especially in front of crowds, is because “it is always about himself.”

He continued to make that case:

“About his crowds. About his victory. His strength. His wealth. His intelligence. His speech. His reviews. His coverage. His innocence. Him. Last night, first and foremost wasn’t about the people in that auditorium as the president claimed it was, maybe that was the biggest lie at all. Last night, what we saw was all about him.”

Cooper ended by pondering what would the media had been talking about if Trump took the time in his rally speech to honor Heather Heyer or John McCain.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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