Andrew McCarthy Accuses Obama of Colluding With Law Enforcement to Get Clinton Elected


Andrew McCarthy directly implicated former President Barack Obama in what he views as a conspiratorial counter-intelligence effort designed to take down President Donald Trump Thursday morning.

The former U.S. attorney and Fox News contributor appeared on Fox & Friends to promote his new book Ball of Collusion and claimed that the Obama administration “put the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of our government in the service of the Clinton campaign.”

When pressed if he saw collusion “between Obama and Clinton,” McCarthy affirmed his opinion that “the use of these counterintelligence powers and law enforcement processes in our political process which is never supposed to happen.”

McCarthy explained that the inspiration for the book was what he saw as “the difference in the quality of justice that was afforded” both the Clinton camp (over her emails) and the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia that led to the Mueller investigation.

McCarthy went on to explain that “in every investigation, the investigators always think that their bad guys are the worst bad guys in the history of bad guys. And what you always need is the adult supervision of leadership, headquarters, whether it’s at the Justice Department or the FBI to police the inevitable tendency people have to push the envelope.” In his esteem “supervision became the investigator. And when they pushed the envelope, there was nobody there to tell them no.”

Co-host Steve Doocy asked his guest how high he thinks this conspiracy goes.

McCarthy first explained the nature of the probe, saying  “these were counterintelligence investigations… which belong to the president. They are only done for one reason to believe and that is to gather intelligence so that the president can carry out his national security responsibilities under the Constitution. So any counterintelligence investigation is the president’s investigation.”

A surprised Doocy replied, “this goes to the West Wing?”

McCarthy “It goes to the president. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. If it’s not working that way, then it shouldn’t be a counterintelligence investigation in the first but here we don’t have to speculate because there is plenty of indication that President Obama was informed and knew what exactly what they were doing.”

Watch above via Fox News.

UPDATE: McCarthy’s new tome has earned the (not-s0) elusive Trump endorsement:


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