Angela Rye Goes at It With S.E. Cupp in Spirited Clash On Gun Control: ‘Do You Wanna Listen Now?’


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin just led a tense discussion on gun control with guests S.E. Cupp and Angela Rye. 

As a matter fact, the tension between Cupp and Rye began to boil over before they even really got to the gun control debate, with a brief exchange on the tax bill, which Rye suggested was for “elitist, rich folks.”

Cupp corrected her, saying that the “middle class” was also happy with the tax bill and telling her fellow panelist that she doesn’t want her getting ahead of herself.

“Oh I don’t need you to help me not get ahead of myself. I’m fully grown. I’m 38 years old, hon,” Rye responded.

Once Baldwin led the pair to gun control, the heat did not evaporate, with Cupp suggesting that an assault weapons ban would be misguided.

“I understand the desire to do something here that seems big, significant, impactful,” Cupp said. “Banning a whole category of guns that’s responsible for less than two percent of gun crime might feel good, but doesn’t actually work to solve gun crime.”

“If we save one life, it matters,” Rye responded. “There are some very tangible things that can be done.”

Cupp refused a change of subject by Baldwin, saying “No, no, no. ‘Tangible things that cane be done’ is absurd.”

“If it were a tangible thing that could be done, it could have been done when Democrats held the White House, the House, and Congress between 2008 and 2010,” she said.

Rye argued that Democrats weren’t able to propose gun control legislation when the Democrats controlled the three chambers eight years ago because many in the party are beholden to the NRA, just like Republicans.

“I can tell you why,” Rye responded. “Three letters. NRA. Far too much control.”

Rye also called out Cupp for her approach to this argument, saying “It’s so sad that this is the energy in this conversation when people died.”

“That sounds really good,” Cupp responded. “But let’s talk in facts.”

The two began arguing over what a reduction in NRA influence would look like, with Cupp, noting she has donated to the pro-gun lobbying group, asking “How are you going to take me out?”

“You’re not listening,” Rye finally responded. “Do you wanna listen now, or do you still wanna host?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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