Ann Coulter Clarifies The First Amendment On Red Eye: ‘Getting Off Isn’t Speech’


Does one have the constitutional right to watch porn in public? The ACLU has signed up to defend the rights of citizens from a public library that has banned pornographic URLs from their computers and, naturally, this ended up one of the main topics of discussion on Red Eye. Some on the panel– notably Gavin McInnes— considered it a serious First Amendment issues. Ann Coulter disagreed, drawing a contrast to Citizens United: supporting political causes is speech, “getting off isn’t speech.

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The ACLU representative on top of this story argued that “adults can be prevented from doing research or just looking at an art gallery,” a premise with which host Greg Gutfeld had a bit of a problem, but McInnes countered that he was concerned about the definition of porn. “Who is defining what porn is? I get that kids shouldn’t see it, but it’s not hard to make monitors so that only the person seeing it could see it.”

Gutfeld then turned to Coulter, joking that she was outraged about the topic in the green room “and said you would move to Canada” if porn was not available on computers. She blamed the entire issue on liberals: “anything they like must be subsidized, anything they don’t like must be banned.” She argued that “getting off isn’t speech,” but liberals will defend it and be outraged by Citizens United. “If it’s normal porn, they sue because it’s harassment, but they will defend gay porn and anti-religious porn.” Bill Schulz, as the resident liberal, had to agree with at least one point: “I will never defend normal porn.”

When the topic returned during the Halftime Report, Andy Levy chimed in on Coulter’s point attacking liberals, noting that he agreed “that liberals have no problem banning things they don’t like, but so do conservatives.” Levy ends the segment on a high note, however: “My problem with lorises is that they look like Nancy Pelosi.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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