‘Are You Kidding Me?!’: Andy Levy Blows Up at Red Eye Host Over Ferguson

On Fox News’ Red Eye early Saturday morning, temporary Greg Gutfeld replacement Tom Shillue declared, “The Ferguson story just got real.” He was referring to the shooting of two police officers in that city this week, which he deemed a more important story than the killing of Michael Brown, which sparked outage there that has lasted for months.

“I don’t understand how you think Ferguson just got real when those assholes shot the cops,” co-host Andy Levy challenged Shillue after he’d completed his monologue. “If you didn’t think it was real before then, you should have thought it was real after the DOJ report came out.” In Levy’s words, that report proved what the protesters had been saying all along, that the “whole damn city structure was racist.”

“Why, because they gave out a bunch of traffic tickets?” Shillue responded.

“Are you kidding me?” Levy replied. “Everything in that report was utterly reprehensible,” he added, saying conservatives can’t tout the Constitution and then ignore First and Fourth Amendment violations committed disproportionately against African-Americans. “That shit was disgusting.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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