Ari Melber: Dropping Mueller Report Before Good Friday, Passover Could Be Sign Barr’s Trying to Downplay It


MSNBC’s Ari Melber opened tonight with the news of AG Bill Barr planning to release a redacted version of the Mueller report on Thursday.

And Melber found the timing somewhat curious:

“Barr is picking when to release his redacted version of this obviously very anticipated report. Now, it could be a Monday to start the week. It could be a Friday or the weekend, like some of his memorable letters. It could be Good Friday. That hits this week. And I’m here to tell you tonight, Barr is pretty close, because he’s told the world for the first time today that of all the days that could begin the multi-day process of reading and reacting to this redacted report, the attorney general has picked the eve of Good Friday and Passover, which could be a sign that Barr wants to use this process to try to play down the report heading into a Friday holiday weekend rather than play it up.”

He noted reporting about the Trump team’s concerns about whet could be in the Mueller report and how they’re trying to get out ahead of it.

And again, Melber said it’s remarkable Barr would decide to drop the report “on the eve of major holidays.”

“Burying controversial news around the holidays is a go-to Washington move because it works,” he continued. “It works even if you get called out for it, because while you’re getting called out for it, many people are understandably busy with the holiday, so they hear less about you getting called out for it.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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