Awkward Silence Ensues After Bill Hemmer Asks Kellyanne If She’ll Face Punishment For Hatch Act Violation

Kellyanne Conway gave a broad-range interview on Fox News today in which she faced questions about the Office of Special Counsel’s determination that she violated the Hatch Act with her tacit endorsement of failed senate candidate/alleged child molester Roy Moore.

When Bill Hemmer brought up Conway’s transgression, he softened things up for her by bringing up Hatch Act violations that went unpunished during the Obama Administration’s time. Even so, Hemmer asked Conway whether she has spoken to President Trump about her infraction, and whether there would be any sort of penalty.

Conway said she has spoke to the president, but she wouldn’t say anything about what came out of that conversation: “I’ve not made a comment on this at all, and I won’t today.”

“The White House has spoken,” Conway added. “I won’t reveal my private conversations with the president about anything except that which he would like me to speak about publicly.”

“So no punishment given?” Hemmer pressed.

“I didn’t say that,” Conway replied, leading to an awkward moment of silence between the two.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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