Bernie Sanders Releases Ad Featuring MSNBC Analyst Who Said He Made Her ‘Skin Crawl’


Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took the bold step of releasing an ad that opens with MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah declaring “Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl!”

On Thursday, the Sanders campaign released a three-and-a-half-minute social media ad — entitled “Why Women Are With Bernie” — that opens with a clip of Rocah’s July 21 appearance on MSNBC’s Up with David Gura in which she says “Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl!”

During that appearance, Rocah went on to say “And I can’t even identify for you what exactly it is. But I see him as sort of a not pro-woman candidate. And so, having the two of them there —— like, I don’t understand young women who support him. And I’m hoping, having him next to her, will help highlight that.”

Multiple members of Sanders’ campaign reacted with outrage over the segment, particularly because host David Gura did not challenge Rocah to explain why it is that Sanders makes her skin crawl.

Sanders’ new ad aims to dispel Rocah’s opinion through the provision of receipts. Following Rocah’s blunt declaration at the top of the ad, senior Sanders campaign adviser Nina Turner tells viewers that Rocah’s opinion “is wrong all day long, and it is very anti-feminist.”

After playing some more of Rocah’s comments, Turner rolls out the “#Receipts,” beginning with the fact that “In the ’90s, Gloria Steinem came to support Senator Bernie Sanders in Vermont, and declared him to be an honorary woman.”

Then there’s a clip of Steinem declaring Sanders an “honorary woman.”

“#receipts. Senator Bernie Sanders and his policies are pro-women,” Turner says next. “When you look at Medicare for All and ensuring that women get the health care that they need and that they deserve.”

“He has been voting for a woman’s right to choose since before I was born,” says a young Sanders supporter, adding “Even before it was the cool thing to do in the party.”

“Black women are three and a half times more likely to die than white women in childbirth, and a large part of that problem is due to the fact that many women in this country, black women in this country, are uninsured,” says another supporter. “Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in this race who is prepared to address this crisis.”

There are actually multiple Democratic candidates with specific policy plans to address the racial disparity in maternal mortality.

Two more supporters extoll Sanders’ plan to cancel all student debt, followed by a clip of Sanders calling the gender pay gap sexist.

“In 1963 there was a photo taken of him being dragged away by police, but that photo doesn’t show is that he was chained to two black women who were protesting discriminatory school policies,” another supporter sais. “As a black woman that lets me know he’s on our side and always has been.”

“As an undocumented young woman, I support Senator Bernie Sanders because he has never made me feel like I was any different from any other constituent that he has,” says another young woman.

The ad winds down with Turner asking other women to share their stories of supporting Sanders, and declaring that Sanders “is pro-woman, but more importantly, he is pro-humanity.”

True to that theme, every single one of the policies mentioned in the ad is geared toward helping men and women, even though Sanders’ campaign website lists several policies aimed specifically at women.

Sanders promoted the ad with a tweet quoting several of the supporters featured in the video.

Watch the ad above, via Bernie Sanders for President.

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