Biden Hits Back at Warren at CNN Town Hall: Imagine If I Told Her ‘You Should Be in a Socialist Primary’


Joe Biden continued to criticize Elizabeth Warren for having an “elitist” attitude during tonight’s CNN town hall, responding again to her remark that maybe he’s running in the wrong primary.

He laid out his differences on health care with rivals like Warren and Bernie Sanders, saying the American people are entitled to know whether their taxes will go up.

At one point Erin Burnett jumped in to ask about his comments about her “elitist attitude.”

“Let’s get something straight. She attacked me,” Biden said. “She said Biden is a coward. Biden is in fact in the pocket of… And she went down the list of saying I should be in a Republican primary.”

“It’s not about her, it’s about the attitude that exists right now. ‘If you disagree with me, you must be bad.’ They question motive. We can disagree. I respect her view, I really do,” he continued.

When pressed on what’s elitist about it, Biden said, “The attitude that we know better than ordinary people what’s in their interest. ‘I know more than you, let me tell what you to do.’ And it wasn’t she’s elitist, the attitude is elitist, that people can’t make up their own minds.”

Biden more directly responded to the “wrong party” swipe by saying, “I’m more of a Democrat from my shoe soles to my ears than anybody running in this party, okay?”

He added, “Imagine if I said to her, ‘You should be in a socialist primary.’ ‘Biden is being bum, bum, bum, bum, bum,’ right? And you’d all say that. You know it.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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