Laura Ingraham Warns of ‘Power Grab’ by Socialists and Globalists: 2020 Election Is About Preserving ‘Our Heritage’


Laura Ingraham warned that the 2020 election would come down to a contest between socialists and globalists intent on a “power grab” versus President Donald Trump, who is trying to preserve “our booming economy, our history, and our heritage, the good and bad of it.”

The Fox News host’s remarks came during her opening monologue, where she blasted the Democratic Party for embracing what she characterized as the failed, out-of-date economic and immigration policies of Western Europe.

“The problem for the Democrats is, whichever direction they take now, the policies underneath it all, they don’t work,” she claimed. “Europe is running away from socialism. America will run toward it? Okay, then what? Hope for better employment numbers on a higher GDP? Unlikely.”

“And by the way, the new populist party in Spain just doubled its numbers in parliament over the weekend there,” she noted, referring to that country’s far right Vox Party, which proudly claims the legacy of former dictator General Francisco Franco and that pushed xenophobic messaging against migrants and attacked laws protecting women from domestic abuse during its recent election campaign. “Nations from Sweden to Greece are rebelling big time against the wave of Middle Eastern refugees that genius [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel punished the E.U. with four years ago.”

Ingraham has long used her show as a platform for nativism, stoking fears about an “invasion” of illegal immigrants and warning of “demographic changes” that are remaking the country, while also claiming that Democrats are trying to use immigration to “replace white conservatives” in the electorate.

“So leave it to America’s Democrats to side with the parties losing clout in Europe,” Ingraham said. “The choice we have next election is between preserving our booming economy, our history, and our heritage, the good and bad of it. And reversing, or reversing and repudiating all of that. On this Veterans Day, we honor all of those who served our armed forces over the years. And I don’t think they sacrificed so that the rest of us could fritter it all away on a socialist or a globalist power grab that delivers nothing but pain and misery.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News. 

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