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Biden Rips Trump Admin Over Russian Interference: They’re ‘Incapable’ of Dealing With It, ‘They Like This’

Former Vice President Joe Biden slammed the Trump administration’s inability to stop Russia’s 2020 election-meddling as he spoke about the impact it has had on his campaign.

Biden defended the strength of his campaign on Sunday as CBS’s Margaret Brennan asked him about the setbacks he has seen so far in the 2020 Democratic primary. As Biden dismissed concerns about whether he can beat Senator Bernie Sanders, he pivoted to say “the Russians don’t want me to be the nominee.”

“They spent a lot of money on bots on Facebook – and they’ve been taken down – saying ‘Biden is a bad guy,'” Biden said. “They don’t want Biden running. No one’s helping me to try to get the nomination.”

When asked who informed him of attempts to meddle with the election at his expense, Biden said he hasn’t heard from anyone in the intelligence community, but they “should inform the rest of us who are running what they told Senator Sanders.”

The topic remained an underlying theme of the interview, and Biden doubled back to it when he spoke about how President Donald Trump is “angry because the intelligence community, in fact, informed Bernie Sanders and I guess others and members of the Intelligence Committee that, in fact, the Russians want to see Trump reelected. And they like Bernie.” This led to Biden hammering the Trump administration for denying Russia’s election interference and not doing more to safeguard future elections.

“Why in God’s name haven’t we hardened the electoral process, provided hundreds of millions of dollars to states to be able to harden their voter rolls, make sure they can’t be attacked?” Biden asked. “This is outrageous.”

After Biden disputed Brennan on whether the Obama administration didn’t do enough to protect the 2016 election either, she asked him if there are any lessons the Trump administration should learn from what happened back then.

“Look, this administration is incapable of learning elections [sic],” Biden said. “They like this. Come on. Let’s be fair here. They’ve known this for a long time, for three years. Every intelligence agency has told them and they continue to engage in this activity…What is he doing? Zero.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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